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Fighting my Inner Cartman

In Nutrition Bliss on March 13, 2011 at 12:27 am

I am by no means a chef/cook/nutritionist/cultured foodie yaddah yaddah (that would be Luke), but I have been trying to put some healthier fare in my pie-hole. Also, I have found in the last few years, that I really wear my nutrition on my face, mood, and body.

A few years ago, I went vegan for about 8 months (I read Skinny Bitch— pretty informative) and felt pretty good– I was also managing my weight successfully. During this time, I was also running regularly and being diligent about the quality of the food I was consuming– it is also worth mentioning that my life was on a stress level of low (no business travel, reasonable hours etc). These things together created a perfect storm of well-being for me. When things in my life started getting stressful, I started eating some not-so-healthy things again– I fell off the vegan train and onto the garbage train. In a way, my departure from veganism felt like a failure– I felt that because of all the information I had gathered, that I was being extremely unhealthy. Just ask Oprah and Bill Clinton! I went from what I perceived as the “path of nutritional light” to being frickin’ Eric Cartman with a box of cheezy poofs and a side of pie.

More recently, instead of trying to aspire to some sort of gold standard, and feeling dejected when I fail, I have just been giving inner Cartman a fair fight from meal to meal– sometimes Cartman knocks me out and sometimes I kick his fat ass. Anyone can find fault with themselves nutritionally- omnivores may endeavor to be locavores, vegetarians may fight soy addictions, vegans may aspire to be raw– the eternal nutrition struggle continues. Another thing I may add, is that nutritional struggles could be further satirized by the fact that there are people who do not even know IF they will eat on a given day eat let alone what.

So, circling back to my petty bliss-finding mission– obviously some foods are better than others. I do believe in the environmental impact of how we eat, despise factory farming, lament the demographical disparity of access to healthy foods and the like. However, at this moment,  I am not going to bore anyone further with my personal food agenda, but I just thought I would share something I gobbled down this weekend that made me feel peachy! Also– none of these peeps pay me–mmmkayyyy.

1) Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Cereal

I typically avoid cereal because I just tend to eat too much of it (Cheerios MONSTER) — plus,  a lot of my childhood faves are loaded with sugar, processed junk and scary sounding ingredients that I think they also put in my shampoo. Today, I came across some sprouted grain almond cereal from Food for Life. I had to try it because it has 0 g of sugar and I really like their sprouted breads.

I should mention– I was prepared for this stuff to taste like dusty, patchouli gravel– but I was pleasantly surprised! It was definitely not sweet, but it had a great crispy texture and a nutty flavor.

 I could have enjoyed this with just a pour of almond or soy milk but I felt like something just a little more colorful, so I paired it with……..

2) Almond Strawberry Milk

I love this recipe from Green Lemonade– I also love Noelle’s balanced, realistic approach to nutrition– I hit her site all the time for recipe ideas and smoothie inspiration. Every time I make this, I am amazed that all the ingredients whizzed together in the blender come out looking so cool– and the result tastes yummy!

So paired with my pretty pink milk and sliced banana– I had  a winner winner inner-Cartman killer.

I have a super-early flight tomorrow, so I think a pineapple mint green smoothie is on the agenda for a kick in the pants– will update on how that turns out.

Happy Saturday!


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