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The Hits and Misses of the Road Goodie Arsenal

In Nutrition Bliss on March 16, 2011 at 1:35 am

In an attempt to have some of my faves on hand this week, I stashed some goodies in my suitcase. I probably could have found some of these at a grocery store, but sometimes when I am on the road for work, looking for the stuff I like can be a hassle–so it is nice to have them on hand.

I had some hits and near misses– the roster is below.

Some of the players

Larabars and Justin’s almond and peanut butter packets

Larabars have tons of groupies– they come in awesome flavors (carrot cake and banana bread!) and have really simple, natural ingredient lists. I do not eat tons of them because they are pretty energy dense– but luckily they are good calories. When I have to resort to the salad for lunch every day, it is nice to have one as a healthy sweet treat.

I do not know Justin, but I think he is awesome. The honey almond butter was yummy on apple slices and I had the peanut butter on some celery. I appreciate the portion controlled package– if there was one that was a little smaller I would be even happier– but this size was workable. Also– check out the ingredients!

Crap-free! Thank you Justin!


 OK– so I have a confession to make about the apple slices…..I bought some of these:

poor apple!


 I think the pre-sliced fruit in little plastic bags being sold nowadays is really dumb. Leave it to us to take the most wholesome food imaginable, and somehow process it. So why am I a hypocrite? Here is the thing– when you are a consultant at a client site– you can’t get ALLLL super-duper comfy. You cannot walk around slicing apples in the break room with a swiss army knife like some crunchy granola yahtzee (yeah– try cutting an apple with a plastic butter knife). Neither can you crunch on a whole apple and let the client come into your cube with a question as you are clumsily juggling your slippery apple core over your laptop. Not to be over-dramatic– clients are not apple-blocking tyrants (ohhh rhyme)– but you just need to be a little more together when you are a guest in their house– so this is why I bought poor, murdered apples in bags. I am not nuts about them, but I get some fruit. I would NEVER buy these at home.

One thing I miss on the road is my morning green smoothie– one of the best food discoveries ever! Put some leafy greens and frozen fruit in a blender and it tastes good– who would have thunk?!? One serving knocks out a few of the daily 5– sweet. I am not quite ready to bring an actual blender on the road yet, but I came across some smoothie gear at Wholefoods over the weekend that could help a bit.

Find One: The Blender Bottle

I came across this thing on Amazon called the Blender Bottle– I was skeptical because it seemed so ridiculous! A wire ball in a cup?? Basically, people use it to make lump-free smoothies from powder mixes. It got some good reviews, but I passed it over. However, at Wholefoods, I came across them again, and  I decided to make an impulse purchase. I bought the 20 oz-er for its compact, suitcase friendly size.

Smoothie paraphernalia


Find Two: Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer

I was never much of a protein shake person– but I came across this blend that seemed promising. It was not super-caloric (120), low in fat, and 0 sugar– I also liked that it had probiotics, greens, and tons of other healthy junk. While it is no green smoothie, I thought it might make a good addition to my healthy road food roster. I envisioned it as a breakfast thing to slug alongside my oatmeal.

How did it all work out? Check out the pictorial below….

Vega blah blah blah Optimizer - it is green

The blender ball– basically acts as a whisk

Add water and blender ball to cup to make green sludge


Snap on top, do the cucaracha, and you get a green drink!



The Blender Bottle seemed to do its job– no lumps in my smoothie.

The taste– it was decent– a tiny bit chalky– but I appreciated the absence of sugar. I also liked the nutrients, probiotics and greens– I would consider throwing this in the Vitamix when I make smoothies at home. I tried the berry flavor, but I might give the others (chocolate, vanilla chai, natural) a try– I would also add a teeny splash of non-dairy milk or juice to the cucaracha cat-toy bottle to  make it more palatable.


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