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An Honest Cookbook

In Nutrition Bliss on March 19, 2011 at 4:43 am

When I first went vegan, I tripped across the Post Punk Kitchen site on my recipe search.  Post Punk Kitchen is the brain child of Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero– two super-cool girls who started out cooking up vegan creations on a Brooklyn-based show that also featured punk bands. There was no way I could not become a fan.

In addition to being enviably cool, Isa and Terry are also honest cookbook writers. An honest cookbook is a work of love– full of painstakingly tested recipes and original ideas.

To me, there is another facet to what I will call “cookbook honesty”– the health factor. I love watching Food Network, however, if I really break down what I am viewing, there are very few things demonstrated on those shows that I would actually cook on a daily basis.
Most of those foods are what I would think of as treats or special occasion foods. Healthy recipes tend to be the exception more than the norm– why is that? If I cooked like Giada every day, I would look less like her, and more like Jabba the Hutt.

So back to my profession of love. Isa and Terry cook with whole foods– most of their recipes I could eat without guilt (perhaps with the exception of their famous cookie and cupcake creations– which are really good). I will also shamelessly admit, I am a sucker for  what they represent: hip, eclectic, urban chicks who create recipes that are inspired by their exposure to the range of cuisines that New York City has to offer. Their vision is reflective of what and how I want to eat– for the majority of my life– not just when entertaining or on holidays. I admit Paula, Ina, Rachel, Bobby, and that guy with the spiky hair know their way around a kitchen– but they just do not represent the people who I want to follow as taste makers at this moment. I feel like the public is ready for some new perspectives in the food world– and some nutrition education as well.

Today I came home to “Appetite for Reduction” — Isa’s recently released cookbook– which I had ordered from Amazon. In it, she presents vegan recipes that are lower in fat– I am excited to test some out this weekend. Just look at the tattoo inspired cover art– how can you not love this girl!  The snarky commentary does not disappoint either. Given her track-record, I know the recipes will  be great. I think I have some oven-baked onion rings in my near future!


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