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The Poseidon Adventure..and Running

In Fitness Bliss on March 30, 2011 at 1:11 am

I accidentally started watching “The Poseidon Adventure” (1972) in the early 90’s on TV one day. I was SO confused! Leslie Nielsen– who I knew from ” The Naked Gun”– was a part of the cast and so was the nice man who played Grandpa Joe on “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. I honestly thought I was in for a zany caper aboard a boat– no not so much. Instead I got a (well-done) disaster movie about a cruise liner that rolls over– I just wasn’t mentally prepared for this movie– but it was really hard to stop watching!

The one thing I always remember about the film was Belle,  the character played by Shelly Winters. She was this really sweet, plump grandma who joined the group trying to make it to the hull of the upside-down ship. There is a scene where she performs an underwater rescue after revealing that she was a competitive swimmer when she was younger– and everyone is like whaaaaaa? Youuuuuu?

So ever since leaving California, I feel a little like Belle– except change the swimming to running. Don’t get me wrong, I was never a champion runner the way Belle was a champion swimmer, but I had a decent go at it. When I got back home, and had some sedentary time, and got progressively softer around the belly, I felt when I mentioned running to people, they would be like whaaaaaaa? Youuuuuuu? Thus the Poseidon connection for anyone wondering.

So… I left the running alone for a while– it was just too painful! My brain thought my body could do things that it could not do anymore– runs became an exercise in frustration. I dipped into the blues for a while, but I decided it was time to come back– people have recovered from worse than an ice-cream belly right?? Further fueled by my blunt doctor who gave me a disapproving look by the scale and the go ahead to “just do an Iron Man–do anything– you are still young” I decided to start training for a half marathon in November. (Thanks to Dr.Blunt for saying I am young– I needed some good news)

I started going to spin classes again– but now I am ready to run! My brain has forgotten most of what my body used to be able to do– and maybe this is a good thing! I am OK with starting from the very beginning. 

The Plan of Action (POA)

The Coach: I am always the first person to admit when I need help from experts. When it came to a training plan, I decided I needed a coach! I found a really great one near me in Maryland who is really equipped to coach remotely.

Meet Christine Hinton! She is great, upbeat, organized, a super-star runner, a contributor to Women’s Running Magazine, and she just knows her stuff! I gave her a call, told her about my goals, and she put together my first month of training for me. I am starting with walk/run intervals– which I am grateful for! She is also going to help me with cross-training advice, stretching (which has NEVER been my strong point), and nutrition. I am really psyched to start.

Coaching is great for many reason–I personally needed someone informed who could tailor a plan to my fitness level and goals. I also know I am more likely to stick with a plan if I have someone I am personally checking in with on a weekly basis– this is particularly useful on the road.

 The Race: I picked two races for fall/winter 2011– to give me something to look forward to.

The coveted palm tree!

Race 1: Women’s Running Magazine Half – St Petersburg

Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for a good race goodie bag. You know who puts together good race goodie bags? Women’s races– that’s who! So in short– I want that pink goodie bag and palm tree medal!!!

Race 2: Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half

A race on the Vegas strip at night? Yes please– I will be online at midnight to register for this thing!

So– stay tuned for posts on me trying to run again! I want that palm tree darnit!


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