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Life in Singapore

In Bliss on October 19, 2012 at 7:00 pm


It is amazing how things change with time! Six months ago I was blogging about vegan banana bread and blending kale into smoothies and now I am laying in bed, balancing a laptop on my tummy, and musing about life….in Singapore. I have not had a green smoothie in months and I had chicken rice from a hawker center for dinner. I do not think anything raw, vegan, or intentionally organic has been in my tummy recently either…and I could not care less.

Yes….so I moved to Singapore. I got a job offer, snatched it up, packed up a few suitcases, and bolted without thinking twice. If anyone asked me why, my answers were vague and politically correct. “I want to broaden my horizons” or “to gain some international business experience” would cross my lips. I think I may have even uttered ” Asia is where it is at right now” in a flustered rush to keep the conversation going. Don’t get me wrong– Asia is a dynamic  place to be, but I probably would have taken a job offer in Siberia.

The truth is– I was bored…really bored. I was bored with life, bored with the consulting jobs I was doing, and feeling a bit disconnected from everything and everyone. My life needed a kick in the ass, and I thought maybe Singapore was the foot it needed.

So now I am in Singapore– I do not love it– but I honestly do not hate it either. My job challenges me every day– I am also having to acquire some new skills in a culture that is new to me as well. However, Singapore is an efficiently-run country where English is the official language– what kind of English-speaking weiner-dog would find it hard to adapt?

THIS weiner-dog! THIS ONE! Did I spell weiner-dog correctly?

My one room studio apartment is TINY…so TINY. I think fell into a stupid-expat trap. I must say though, my complex has a really gorgeous pool that I have not used yet– my heart swells with pride whenever I walk by it and think of the laps I will swim….tomorrow. I have not figured out how to turn the stove on in my kitchen– I tried! I even cracked open the manual, but I ultimately called for delivery in a fit of impatient hunger. There has been no cooking in Singapore….none.
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