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Congratulations Narm and Sethu!

In Friendship Bliss on April 21, 2011 at 1:51 am

My friends Narmatha and Sethu welcomed a beautiful new baby boy into the world! I am so happy and excited for them, so I had to create a post in their honor. Also, since Narm is Hindu and she had a little boy, what could be more appropriate than a picture of the the happy, blue, baby Krishna!

So Narm’s little boy represents so many things to me. First of all, both Narm and I were raised by parents who immigrated from South Asia. Growing up, we had to forge our own path through a diaspora blah blah Jhumpa Lahiri blah blah Harold and Kumar blah blah blah M.I.A. blah blah blahhhhhh. There were some similarities, but there were also differences. Narmatha’s parents hail from Sri Lanka and she is well-traveled– she ended up in Canada via the Middle East and boarding school in England! My parents are from India and I grew up in suburban New York. Narmatha was raised Hindu while I was raised Catholic. Regardless, Narmatha’s baby boy, to me, is the realisation of what we always thought about. When WE have kids, how will we raise them differently from how our parents raised us. Particularly because the differences here are two-dimensional– cultural and generational.

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