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Frequent Business Travelers More Likely to be Fat!!!

In Mental Bliss, Nutrition Bliss on June 9, 2011 at 3:47 am

I came across this Time Magazine article a few weeks ago which I took immediate interest in since I travel a lot for work. Basically, it indicates that frequent business travelers are more likely to be fat and unhealthy. This makes sense since a road warrior lifestyle does not lend itself to healthy eating, exercise etc.

While I thought this article had many salient points, such as the lack of healthy foods, gyms etc. on the road, I did not entirely agree with the final summation. This article indicates that unhealthy travelers are entirely a result of the US being a “fast food nation”. While I am absolutely certain that the road-warrior experience varies greatly from  person to person, I feel like there are a few more factors I would like to add.


I do not care what the toughest road warrior tells you– business travel can be lonely business. It is clearly so if you are on a solo project and do not have colleagues (from your company) with you. Combine being alone and away from home with the stress of work (which we will get to)– it is pretty much a great combo that would make anyone want to run for some waist-widening comfort food.

Some business travelers work in teams which can make a road experience less insular–but this can also introduce challenges. Sometimes there is pressure to be “social” and go to dinner with colleagues every night– the venue may not always be your choice. While it is definitely possible to order healthy at restaurants– it is more challenging in some than others. Some teams also “work hard/play hard” so there could be pressure to indulge in a few more drinks than one usually would. Also, let’s get real, your coworkers are not your family (typically)– maybe you do not love them– YET you see them all week during work and after work as if they were family– would you like a salad or molten chocolate cake– yeah I thought so.

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I Found a Rave Run…I Think

In Fitness Bliss on May 12, 2011 at 10:52 pm

Anyone who has picked up an issue of “Runner’s World” has seen the Rave Run spreads. Typically, they are inspiring…and a little sickening. You’ll see some athletic person (who most likely runs no slower than a 7 minute mile) bounding through gorgeous cobblestone streets in Rome, evergreen bordered trails in Colorado, or coastal paths in California. Despite my sometimes envious eye-rolling at these panoramas, I have to admit– there is something inexplicable about running amidst beauty. John “The Penguin” Bingham wrote an essay once about how mundane runs are the dues runners pay for the beautiful ones that come along every once in a while.

OK, so let’s bring it down to not-running-anything-near-a-7-minute-mile me! I have been paying my fair share of dues on a treadmill 2x/week in a Rochester hotel. To avoid hurting any feelings or sticking my HUGE Brooks sneaker in my mouth, I will just say I have been spending a lot of time in a very industrial part of Rochester. Basically, nothing around me in this vicinity has inspired an outdoor run from a scenic or safety perspective. This has been my excuse to retreat to the treadmill— I have been doing my runs in the little hotel gym while watching sitcoms. While it’s not terrible, it is hardly inspiring! The closest thing to runners high I have experienced is thinking “Winning” while watching “Two and a Half Men”. Treadmill running to outdoor running is what a frozen dinner is to a home-cooked meal—a functional substitute…at least mentally.

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